Reasons to choose natives:

*  Most species are not fussy,  and require less watering and other maintenance than 'alien' plants. 

*  No need to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

*  Longer lived, and many are easily divided or self-sowing -- for sharing with gardening neighbors and friends. 

*  Suitable for a wide range of landscape designs and site conditions.

*  Plantings can be well-manicured or naturalized, depending on personal preference.

*  Help restore biodiversity to the landscape, and sustain ecologically beneficial wildlife, including birds, bees, butterflies, moths and other insects. 

*  And this message for bird lovers from the National  Audubon Society: "In the face of climate change, which Audubon science shows is the number one threat to North American birds, birds need all the help we can give. Switching from lawns to native plants will not only provide beauty, support pollinators, and encourage biodiversity -- it will build up birds' defenses and increase their resilience to the dangerous effects of warming temperatures."